Choosing Your Foundation

The right foundation will last on the skin, be comfortable to wear and give you the right amount of coverage that suits your personality and needs. Choose foundation based on four things:

  1. Your skin type – knowing your skin type before you buy will save you a lot of head aches. It will make your foundation last longer and be more comfortable. For example a dry skin would likely want a foundation that adds nourishment and moisture to the skin. An oily skin would likely want something oil free.
  2. These days there are so many choices for foundation formulas. Although liquid is still the most popular, consider cream, wet-dry or mineral powder. Each foundation has different qualities.
  3. Coverage is something you should consider before buying your foundation. Do you want a natural look, a flawless complexion or something in between?
  4. After you have determined your preferences based on skin type, formula and coverage it is time to decide on finish. Finish is like the finishing touch. This is also where fashion and personal preference come into play. Do you want a matte finish, satin finish, velvety finish? There are lots of options. Choose the one you like the best or go for fashion.

Once you have narrowed this down then it is time to choose the colour. I will tell you all about it in my next blog post.

Make Your Make-up Last

Clients always ask me how I get my foundation to last all day. The secret – finish your foundation with a light dusting of translucent powder. With a powder brush, press the powder into the skin. Then dust off the excess in a downward outward motion.

Conceal Blemishes and Dark Circles

Using a q-tip or a fine concealer brush, apply concealer to any area that needs extra covering. The best concealer colour is one that matches your foundation or the colour of the skin next to the concealed area (if you are going Au naturale). With your ring finger pat and press it into place. Concealer can be applied alone, on top or below foundation.

Prepare Your Face for Make-up

A flawless make-up application requires a bit of prep. Start with a clean face using products designed for your skin type.  If your skin is flakey, exfoliate as part of the skincare process. Finish with a moisturizer designed for your skin type. Let the moisturizer absorb for about 15 minutes prior to your foundation application. Moisturizer will create the perfect canvas for your make-up masterpiece.

How Much Cleavage is Too Much Cleavage?

As an image consultant, companies often hire me to speak to their employees about professional dress. One of the top areas of concern for companies is cleavage.cleavage

How much cleavage is too much cleavage?

Because we are all built differently it’s difficult to give exact measurements. However, the general rule for a professional look is that your neckline should be no lower than 2 finger widths above where your cleavage starts.

In a social setting with friends, choose the depth of your neckline based on your level of confidence, the impression you are trying to make and where you want attention focused.

The Wrong Underwear

You know, we have all seen it… the sagging or bumpy breasts, jiggling rear ends and the underwear straps that show. These are all examples of the wrong underwear. Although, the wrong undergarments will sabotage your image in any situation, it is even more of an issue at work. Why? If the desired focus is your product or service and you want to appear credible in your presentation of that product or service, then the focus should be on that product or service. The wrong underwear is not only distracting, it can make others uncomfortable. In other words, when at work, do you want people to be thinking about your underwear or what a great job you and your company can do for them? The right underwear will keep everything in place and help keep attention focused on what’s important at the time. Your silhouette will appear smoother and you will look slimmer.