Never Let Them See You Sweat

Visible perspiration is not only embarrassing for you and those around you, it can leave clothing stained and discoloured.

Disposable garment shields work well for both men and women and are widely available. They stick onto the inside of your clothing, protect your clothing and are virtually invisible on the outside of your clothing.

Fashion Tape Quick Fix for Hems

Leaving the house and just noticed your hem coming down? As a certified professional image consultant my first suggestion would be to change into another outfit. However, in some circumstances this just isn’t possible. Instead of pulling out the safety pins or the duct tape…

Fashion Tape again, is the better solution. It will be less visible and do a better job then a homemade remedy.

How to Keep Your Bra Straps from Showing

Over the past few years, a popular look for women has been wearing layered tank tops and casual camisoles with the bra straps showing. Although there may be a time and place for this look, it isn’t appropriate for every occasion. Unfortunately, many of us have a problem with bra straps slipping. If your budget or body shape doesn’t allow you the option for purchasing multiple bra styles, there are several great solutions:

Bra clips (which are available under a number of different names) are a plastic clip which will clip the bra straps together, holding them in the center of your back.

When your bra style has the option for changing the straps, clear plastic bra straps work well. They stay in place and generally aren’t noticeable even when you are moving around.

Fashion Tape can also work to keep your bra straps in place.

Wardrobe Mishaps – Fashion Tape to the Rescue

If you have ever looked down and noticed that the buttons on your blouse or shirt were pulling causing your clothing to gape:

Fashion Tape is the answer. It is a two sided tape that can be used to hold two pieces of fabric together. It also sticks to the skin holding straps, plunging neckline or even hosiery… to your skin. Here is one resource:

Wardrobe Malfunctions – Stay-ups that Don’t Stay Up

Ever have one of those really embarrassing moments? Although many of us think wardrobe malfunctions and mishaps only happen to celebrities like Britney Spears and Janet Jackson, it happens to all of us at one time or another… And recently it happened to me.

I was wearing stay-up hosiery. The kind with the silicone at the top, which is supposed to keep the hosiery in place. I was being escorted to my car by someone that I didn’t know very well, when suddenly I could feel one of my stockings sliding down my leg. How embarrassing!!!  Yes, even professional image consultants have their embarrassing moments.

Although there really are not guarantees, the stay-ups are in good condition, they are more likely to stay put. To keep them in good condition longer. Wash them in cold water with mild detergent and avoid the dryer.

Don’t try to extend their life. As soon as the silicone starts to peal off, it’s time for a new stocking. The nice thing about stay-ups though is that often only one is ready for the garbage. By buying the same brand in the same colour, you mix and match as needed.

Another thing to consider is what you have on you skin. They tend to stick better if they are clean, and worn on clean skin without any creams, lotions or powders.

If you have any other suggestions to keep your stay-ups from malfuncting, I would love to hear about them.