Wardrobe Classics make Great Wardrobe Capsules

As an image consultant, my clients are always looking for ways to optimize their wardrobe and save money.  I tell them that the most versatile clothing items are neutral in colour and have few distinctive details. This makes them easier to mix and match with other clothing items and accessories. These items work well for wardrobe capsules.

Wardrobe capsules are a great way to optimize your wardrobe and build a wardrobe quickly. When choosing items for your capsule purchases keep in mind your lifestyle and image perception goals, your best colours and your silhouette goals. Although there are many strategies for building wardrobe capsules, the following formulas will simplify the process.

Wardrobe Capsules

  1. Start with an extra layer garment such as a blazer
  2. Find two coordinating bottoms
  3. Find three tops that coordinate with the jacket and both bottoms
  4. Add coordinating ties (men only) and accessories to these combinations
  5. Add coordinating shoes and belts to these combinations
  6. Add stockings or socks toned to each bottom and shoes
  7. Add appropriate underwear

    Once established, your capsule can be expanded and pieces can be changed easily. When adding a new piece, be sure it can be worn with at least 3 other pieces in your wardrobe. Complete unfinished Wardrobes Capsules before beginning new ones.  Wardrobe Capsule – video

    Wardrobe Capsules save you time in the morning, Save space in your closet and leave money in your wallet.