How to Apply Make-up to Look Younger – Part 2

Although good skincare and foundation and concealer applied properly will make you look younger, it does more than that. It will create the perfect canvas for your masterpiece. Try the following for a younger looking you…

Keep eyebrows groomed. Nicely shaped eyebrows will open the eyes and automatically give a more youthful look. For a more defined look use an eyebrow pencil. Match the colour as closely as possible to your hair colour or use a slightly lighter colour. If the hair is grey use a soft grey pencil.

As we age, our skin tone, hair colour and eye colour tend to soften. This can cause dark and bright colours and combinations with a strong dark/ light contrast to appear harsh on our skin, making us look older. If this is the case, try colours that are slightly softer and more muted instead for a more youthful look. Avoid using dark colours on areas that appear overly sunken.

Neutral eye shadow colours tend to be easier to wear. Be careful with extremely dark colours. Avoid frosted eye shadows on crêpe areas.

Give your eyes a more open look by curling your eyelashes.

Applying mascara can be a nightmare when you can’t see. Use a magnifying mirror at eye level or higher. When applying mascara on your upper lashes lift your head slightly. This will cause your lashes to lower slightly making it easier to apply your mascara on your upper lashes. Focus on the mirror rather than trying to look at the brush. With practice you will find it much easier to apply mascara.

If you have a double chin or want a stronger looking jaw line, sweep a matte brown shading powder under the jaw line.

Use blush without sheen on the cheekbones. Products with shine and or a frosted finish will enhance lines and wrinkles. For more prominent looking cheekbones, use a matte brown shading powder under the cheekbones.

If lips are aging try using a lipstick base. This will help to stop the colour from seeping into the lines it will also help stop feathering.

If lips are lined or wrinkled, avoid using a dark matte lipstick or a very frosted lipstick or shiny lip gloss all over the lips. Line lips with a lip pencil a more defined look.

For more make-up tips and application instruction see ‘Masterful Make-up in Minutes’